How can i place an oder?

We encourage you to place an order through our website directly. Choose the occasion in the above menu, name the star, fill in the data and wait for your perfect gift to arrive.

Will i own the star?

Unfortunately, the star is not ours, so we cannot sell it to you. You are practically adopting a star, it is a symbolic gesture to associate a star with that special somebody.
It is very touching to know that you point up to the sky and there is something special for you up there.

Will my star be recognized by the name i gave?

Unfortunately, not. Astronomers will not recognize your name. Only the International Astronomical Union can assign and recognize the name of a star. Only a few stars (ancient historical stars) are known by their name. All other stars are known only by a number and their coordinates, assigned by the IAU. We are a private company who is offering you gifts with an emotional value.

Is the name of the star unique?

Yes, it is. Each star will have only a registration name. We will record the star, its coordinates and its name in the book that will be published periodically.

Can i see my star?

You can find the star easily using either Google Sky software introducing the coordinates, but google will only focus the star, it will not display your chosen name. It is also possible for you to find the star using a telescope and the star chart that we supply.

Money back guarantee

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the items bought from our site, we will gladly refund your money, during the first two weeks after your purchase. No questions asked. However, we must receive all the items in the condition that they were sent to you before starting the refund process. The bank charges for the transfer and postal fees will be your responsibility. Please check with your bank and postal office the conditions.